OSRS Merlin’s Crystal Guide

OSRS Merlin’s Crystal Guide


The first quest relates to the Camelot Quest series, where you will be tasked with assisting the great Merlin in escaping a crystal prison. In other words, the witch named Morgan Le Faye has trapped him in a crystal, and King Arthur has asked you to help him bring Merlin back to his rightful place.


First off, you’ll need enough combat levels to defeat a level 39 enemy, and the items that you will require are a Tinderbox, Bucket of War, and Bread. There’s one more item called Bat Bones, but you can obtain that during the quest. The items I’m going to mention now aren’t required, but instead, they’re recommended for easier travel. The items include Varrock, Camelot, and Falador Teleportation Tablets, and Rune or Games Necklace to teleport to Taverley.


To start this Merlin Crystal osrs quest, you must first go to Camelot and speak to King Arthur. Ask him about joining the Knights of the Round Table, and he’ll want you to prove your worth, which can be accomplished by helping him free Merlin from the crystal prison. Your next move would be to speak to the other knights in the castle so that you can hear what point of view each of them holds.

First, go to Sir Gawain who is either inside the castle or the outside courtyard in this merlin’s crystal osrs quest. Speak to him by choosing both the options and he’ll suggest that you talk to Morgan Le Faye, as she might have an idea of who enchanted this spell. Next, head to the first floor of the castle of speak to Sir Lancelot to see if he knows anything about how to enter Morgan’s keep. He will suggest that it can be entered through the sea passage.

Keeping that in mind, head down the road which is located south to reach Catherby, and then south again from the bank to reach the docks. Here, you will find an NPC named Arhein, who will tell you where his boat is headed. From there, change your direction to the north to reach the house nearby the bank, and in this house, you’ll find a bottle of insect repellent.

Grab some armor along with you and go behind the candle shop which is nearby the docks to find a few creates. Click on them to hide with it and trigger a cutscene for the merlin crystal osrs quest. The scene will be about a couple of workers talking and loading up the crates into their boat, and that’s how you’ll end up at the Keep Le Faye.

The keep will have renegade knights wandering around in merlin’s crystal osrs, so make sure that you keep an eye out for them. Doing so, head to the uppermost floor of the keep to find Sir Mordred, who is a level 39 NPC that you must kill. Once you’ve defeated him, Morgan herself will appear and beg you not to kill her son in exchange for telling you the secret of releasing Merlin.

Now, you’ll need a few items so head outside the keep to locate Giant Bats. Kill one of them and its bones. Head north from where you stand and you will find the beehive area. Grab a bucket from nearby and fill it up with wax, and make sure that you use the insect repellent to keep the bees away. Now, go to the candlemaker in Catherby and speak to him to trade your bucket of wax and obtain a Black Candle.

You will now need the Excalibur for this merlin’s crystal quick guide, which can be found with the Lady of the lake, who can be found southeast of Taverley (you will find yourself at the lake). She won’t mind giving the sword to you, but you must first go to the jewelry shop for her. On your way to Port Sarim grab a loaf of bread and then speak to Veos to reach Port Piscarilius. South of where you stand, you can purchase or steal a piece of bread from Hosidius. As you enter the shop, you be approached by a beggar who will ask you for food, and as you feed him, the beggar will turn into the Lady of the Lake. It was her way of testing you, and since you’ve proved yourself worthy, she’ll give you the Excalibur.
From there, you need to now head to the Zamorak Chaos Temple in this merlin’s crystal quick guide, making your way through the south-eastern area of Varrock city. Upon reaching the altar, click the check option to find the written words “Snarthon Candtrick Termanto”. These are the words that you need to use later, so make sure that you write them down somewhere or just take a glance at this guide.

Go back to Camelot, and straight to the north-eastern section of the castle. Light the Black Candle there and drop Bat Bones within the circle to call upon the spirit named Thrantax the Mighty. Say words that you read at the Chaos Temple, and if you don’t say it right, then the spirit will attack you and you’ll have to light the candle all over again.

Once the correct phrase has been said, you will obtain the power to control the spirit and thereby, the ability to request it to free Merlin. Go to the top-most south-eastern tower to locate Merlin within a Blue Crystal and with the help of the Excalibur, smash the crystal to free him. Finally, speak to King Arthur to complete the quest.

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